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Only the best, top quality parts are used in all Taylor Fence chargers as you can see on the boards shown here. The circuit boards have been designed with lightning resistance in

Circuit Board Components

mind.  The circuit board traces have been made broader, thicker, and spaced farther apart.  This helps to reduce the number of lightning related failures.

One fourth of the parts on the circuit boards are for lightning suppression. However, since no circuit can be made lightning proof, we have designed our circuits so that any part that should fail will not cause a chain reaction of parts to fail. This results in a much lower cost of repair when needed.
The heart and lungs of a fence charger are the Output Transformer and the Storage Capacitor. The quality and capacity of these two elements determine how a fence charger performs.  Just look at the size and weight of the output transformer used in the Taylor Fence chargers.

Heavy Duty Transformer

You can feel this heavy duty transformer when you lift the Taylor Fence chargers. This transformer has more copper and steel than any other charger costing twice as much. This extra copper and steel combine to give more power output to the fence along with better lightning resistance.  It is wound with HEAVY ARMORED wire and 11,000 V insulation between layers. It also has 8,000 V insulation on the lead wires.
The Storage capacitors used in all Taylor Fence chargers are the best available in the world and are one of the few parts that are imported. This is the storage tank for the powerful pulse that is transmitted to the fence through the heavy duty transformer above. These Capacitors are rated 50% stronger than their operating load, which ensures longer life and better reliability.
Pulse Storage Capacitors

Buy your last fence charger from
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Heiss-Co will not sell any fencers or fence energizers to residents of the state of Florida without a sales tax exemption certificate. If you are exempt from paying sales tax simply fax or e-mail us a copy of your sales tax certificate for our records before purchasing any products from this site. We do not charge tax on repairs ever. This only applies to residents of Florida regarding purchasing new fencers from us. All other states will not be required to pay Florida state sales tax and may proceed without providing this information.
Thank you,
To fax us your copy: 352-799-3994
To e-mail us a copy send to: HeissCo@ElectricFencerRepair.com

Cyclops Plug In Fence Energizers
2.5 Joule Electric Fencer $179.00
5 Joule Electric Fencer $225.00
8 Joule Electric Fencer $299.00
12 Joule Electric Fencer $399.00
20 Joule Electric Fencer $550.00
30 Joule Electric Fencer $715.00

Cyclops Solar Energizer
.75 Joule $399.00




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