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With over 31 years of combined Electric Fencer and Electric Fence Charger repair experience, Heiss-Co is clearly the best choice for your repair needs and here is why;

  • Our goal here at Heiss-Co LLC is to fix your old electric fence energizer or electric fence charger for around half of the total incurred cost of buying a new one.
  • We repair them in a timely and cost effective manner and get the repaired electric fence controller back to you as quickly as possible.
  • We also pride ourselves in customer service and the quality of our repairs.  
  • One of our specialties is to help educate our customers in ways to prevent electric fencer failures. 
  • Estimates for repairs and return shipping are always FREE as well as an UNCONDITIONAL ONE YEAR WARRANTY on all repairs done to your electric fence controller.

See our Warranty Details below:

Our electric fencer repair warranty covers the following for a period of one year:

  • Lightning Strikes.
  • Power Surges.
  • In other words, if you’re electric fencer stops working for any reason send it back and we will fix it for Free with no questions asked.
  • We own it for the cost of repairs to your electric fencer for one year.

Customer Testimonials:
Heiss-Co LLC Electric Fencer Repair

Dear Mr. Heiss,

I cannot recall ever having received better service than I did with your repair service. You not only repaired our fence controller in a few days but you gave us a loaner unit during that time. You were truly concerned with our problem and made sure we got it back as soon as possible even to the point of driving part way to our farm twice. You knew what the problem, was, you fixed it and we have had no problems since.
The Zareba Company should feel very confident knowing they have someone of your caliber handling their product repairs in this part of Florida. We will continue purchasing Zareba products knowing we have excellent customer support through Heiss-Co Electric Fencer Repair. Please feel free use this letter as a testimonial for future business contacts and if anyone has any questions, they can call us.

Al & Lisa
Ocala Florida

You may be able to fix it yourself:

One of the biggest problems that you can run into when  using electric fencers is improper grounding. When you buy a new electric fencer it comes with instructions on how to properly ground your Electric Fencer. It is imperative that you follow those instructions if you want your investment in electric fencing to work properly and efficiently.

  • When putting up the electric fencer and electric fencing always use either ceramic or plastic insulators. Never attach an insulator to a tree. Trees will act as lightning rods, and or attract lightning to your fence.
  • Buying a surge protector is not a bad idea at all, as most electric fencers have nothing to help protect against lightning strikes or surges. Having one is no guarantee that it will be able to withstand the hit either.
  • Last but not least, never open the electric fencer and try to repair it yourself. Let us do that for you.




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